Powwow for Hope is a nationwide fundraiser for American Indian Cancer Foundation that leads to a community event held in Minneapolis, MN, where thousands come together to honor loved ones who have faced or are currently facing cancer by creating a space for healing.

Proceeds benefit the Foundation’s mission to eliminate cancer burdens on American Indian and Alaska Native people through improved access to prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivor support.

Contributions allow AICAF to create and deliver culturally-relevant cancer prevention resources to Tribal and urban communities, connect AI/AN cancer survivors and caregivers to healing and supportive services, and expand our reach to partner with Tribes so we can change the outcome of cancer in our communities.

In the past year, AICAF has been designing a survivorship support program to effectively address the needs of our people who are facing cancer. In 2018 we connected 47 survivors with newly developed survivor packets full of resources to provide comfort and help guide them through treatment; we delivered 50,368 cancer resources to spread awareness about screenings and prevention; we formed several new partnerships with Tribes and urban communities across the nation.

Although we’ve had much success in spreading awareness, there is still much more to do!

With your support, AICAF can enhance services by:

  1. Launching a meaningful Survivorship support program
  2. Delivering cancer care packages and resources to more communities
  3. Building larger campaigns and initiatives to address the cancer inequities faced by our communities

Event Details:
Address - Base Camp Facility, 6202 Bloomington Road, St.Paul, MN, 55111