Powwow for Hope ®

Dancing for Life, Love & Hope

Powwow for Hope is a community healing event and fundraiser. Fundraising Teams are forming now! Please join us for the 10th annual Powwow for Hope on August 28, 2021.

Who We Are

Powwow for Hope is a nationwide fundraiser for American Indian Cancer Foundation that leads to a community event held in Minneapolis, MN, where thousands come together to honor loved ones who have faced or are currently facing cancer by creating a space for healing.

Proceeds benefit the Foundation’s mission to eliminate cancer burdens on Native people through improved access to prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivor support.

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Help Us Make a Difference

With your support, AICAF can enhance services by



Strengthening the Survivorship Program to offer more support to loved ones facing cancer

cancer care packages


Delivering cancer care packages and resources to more communities

Building larger campaigns


Building larger campaigns to address the cancer inequities faced by our communities

We cannot do it without you.

Fundraising Teams

Fundraising Teams are a critical part of Powwow for Hope and the work of the Foundation. The funds that are raised help support the availability of community education, screening, outreach, survivor support, and opportunities within the community. Creating a Fundraising Team is an easy and fun way to join together to help loved ones who are experiencing cancer.

Organize a Drum Group

Organize a drum group

Now is the time to organize your drum group to volunteer and join us in this fight against cancer. Powwow for Hope welcomes all singers and dancers in a day long program led by the American ...

Donate to the Silent Auction

Donate to the silent auction

Please consider donating goods or services to our silent and online auctions. For more information please view our Silent Auction Form. 



Thank you for your interest in volunteering at AICAF’s nationwide community fundraising event! Registration is now open for the 10th Annual Powwow for Hope.