Who We Are

Powwow for Hope is a community healing event and fundraiser. Fundraising Teams are forming now! Please join us at the 10th annual Powwow for Hope on August 28, 2021

Make a difference

Powwow for Hope: Dancing for Life, Love & Hope is a community fundraising event that honors loved ones who have faced cancer or are facing cancer. This special event allows us to band together in support of our relatives, and provides an opportunity to learn more about cancer prevention and resources.


Why donate?

Cancer kills more Native people than any other disease. More than heart disease. More than diabetes.

More donations and funding means we will be able to provide more care and resources to so many more Native people and communities.

This is your opportunity to join AICAF in this fight against cancer. With your help we can support every person and family threatened by cancer in every reservation, town and city across Indian Country. Each person who shares in Powwow for Hope can take pride in knowing they are working to create a world where cancer no longer threatens the lives of our loved ones or claims.

Powwow for Hope™ Giving How your donation makes a difference

A gift to the American Indian Cancer Foundation helps us strengthen our programs, build larger campaigns, and provide more resources to families across Indian Country. While grants and contracts fund specific projects, it’s generous donors like you that play a vital role in making this work happen!

In 2019, Powwow for Hope funds were able to support:

  • Development of AICAF's Indigenous Pink breast cancer awareness campaign, which was successful in reaching 33% more of our relatives in Indian Country. Funds also allowed our team to deliver breast health resources and swag items to more clinics and communities

  • Development of AICAF's Turquoise Tuesday cervical cancer awareness campaign, which saw a 57% increase in tribal and urban clinic involvement. Funds also helped us deliver Get Screened client reminder cards, infographics, and swag items to more clinics and communities

  • National survivorship outreach. Last year our team was able to share 10 new Indigenous cancer survivor stories, connect with survivors who had rare, lesser-known cancers, and expand our Survivorship Program to include more support and resources for caregivers
  • Redevelopment of two AICAF websites: and Our new sites have reached 34% more people since their launch. Their new user-friendly designs make it easier for our audience to navigate pages, access our latest resources, and connect with our team


Lets do more together

We cannot make this event happen without the participation of many generous people like you! There are many ways to get involved in Powwow for Hope: form a Fundraising Team or drum group, donate a silent auction item, volunteer, or sponsor the event.